Over 20,000 m2 of production capacity

Specialized in vehicles, equipments and Emergency Sistems

Presence in over 100 countries

Welcome to Emergencia 2000

Emergencia 2000 was founded in 1983 to meet the demands of an emerging sector in our country: Prehospital Emergency Medicine.


For over 30 years has led a technological evolution not only in Spain, but also in many other countries and today has a presence in over 102 countries, offices in 5 continents and 5 plants around the world..

Emergencia 2000 has within its business plan and its goals a Mission, a Vission and Value worthy of the sector in which it is located.

Why choose us?


Experience over 30 years in the industry giving satisfaction to our customers.


We use the highest technology, constant research and development for innovation in the sector.

Proficiency and Commitment

Highly skilled and trained workforce to meet the needs of each of our customers.


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