Investigación, Desarrollo e innovación


Research, development and innovation.

Emergencia 2000 has a department dedicated to the research, development and innovation of products, systems and manufacturing processes, new technologies and joint developments with the most demanding customers.

This department is supporter in machinery and advanced computers to achieve a primary goal which is based on philosophy of the company: evolve and develop a head of the industry itself, anticipating the needs of customer and offering technological solutions own of a business leader.

Desing and our manufactures:

Emergencia 2000 is the only company able to develop and manufacture their own transformations, fron designing and manufacturing its own molds, using high-performance technology for RTM, captable of tehrmo-forming all interior ambulances in ABS High antibacterial resistance, desing and develop for rescue and medical treatment of patients in emergency equipment and adapt to customer needs in the design of their ambulance.

The latest technology allows to customixe all elements of the ambulance, and to achieve succes in research in the field of transformed: adapt ambulances maximun permiss weigth, achieving a hyper-ligth transformations that reduce consumer costs vehicle maintenance and confort to the requirements of the applicable regulations.



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